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The motorway services provider, Moto, are proposing a large 24 hr service station close to Junction 10 of the M11 near Duxford village.  The proposals, which have been shared with some local parish councils, include access possibly planned via the hugely congested Hunts Road roundabout on the A505 rather than directly off the M11.  

Whatever the access point, the site would add to noise, light and air pollution in the area.  It also sits under the flight path and close to the runway of the airport at the Imperial War Museum.  The local area neither need nor want this blot on our local landscape.

Peter McDonald and the local Lib Dem team will continue to fight against this proposal.  If you feel as strongly as us, please sign this petition.

We call upon Moto Services to withdraw their plans for a motorway service station near J10 of the M11.  




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    I can imagine duxford air show takings will drop as hoards of people park up at these proposed services rather than pay for an air show entry ticket. The area as it is sees cars scattered down every available side road with the resultant verge damage not to mention increased litter
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    Both my Uncle and then my Grandparents lived in Duxford when I was a child/teenager, so I have fond memories of the Village. Please don’t ruin this pretty and peaceful part of Cambridgeshire by building an awful 24/7 Service Station near it!!

    There must be other alternatives…..
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    Sign the petition: No to Moto
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    Nothing should be developed which compromises this unique working airfield and internationally significant aviation and military centre.
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    I call upon Moto Services to withdraw their plans for a motorway service station near J10 of the M11.
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    Not necessary. Already garage and McDonald’s close by.
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    This should never happen as it would destroy Duxford as a working airfield and ruin any chance of future displays.
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    Too many petrol stations in area already. As stated field is an ideal crash landing area for Duxford. Imagine crashing onto a petrol station.
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    Sign the petition: No to Moto
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    Eleanor Norman
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    This would seriously jeopardise the operation of the IWM and would in any case be better sited at Stumps Cross in conjunction with opening up J9 in both directions and bypassing the A505 as the main EW route.
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    Sign the petition: No to Moto
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    We can live without this, and we must guarantee the future of the Imperial War Museum at Duxford
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    Not needed or wanted, services currently available both west & east within a mile of the junction, and will only add to congestion already at that junction
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