Babraham, Great Shelford, Harston, Haslingfield, Hauxton, Little Shelford, Newton, Sawston and Stapleford parishes. 


Harston & Hauxton

Contact: Cllr Janet Lockwood

District Cllr. Harston & Hauxton






Brian Milnes

Candidate: Sawston& Shelford







Contact: Douglas Cattermole

District Cllr. Haslingfield         


The Shelfords & Stapleford

Peter Fane

Candidate: Sawston & Shelford




Our record | Sawston, Shelfords and Stapleford

Brian Milnes and Peter Fane are standing in the County Council elections on 4th May.    

Currently, The Sawston and Shelford division is represented by two Conservatives at the County Council.

They all have to follow the Party line when it comes to implementing policy imposed, through choice, by the Conservative Government. So whether it’s implementing huge cuts to our budgets, changing the rules on the provision of “social” affordable housing or imposing a totally unwanted Devolution deal, the current councillors have their hands tied.

The Lib Dem team in Sawston & Shelford wants to provide an alternative, moderating voice on the Conservative-dominated council and ensure Sawston outplays its weight in negotiating for infrastructure & resources. This will build on infrastructure projects across South Cambridgeshire made possible by Lib Dem campaigns and councillors.

The interests and properity of everyone in Sawston and Shelford need representing and protecting.  That's why the Lib Dems will look to restore affordable housing schemes everywhere.

Our record | Harston & Hauxton

Janet Lockwood has been a District Councillor for nearly five years. Her and the team in Harston and Hauxton have worked hard to ensure new housing delivers real benefits and new facilities for our whole community and continue to work on the important task of integrating our newest residents.

Janet has always fought for new local housing to be of the highest standard of energy efficiency and to respect its location and setting.

Janet is also leading the council in challenging NHS England to improve local healthcare services with money received from developments. With huge cuts to local council budgets it is right that our councillors are committed to defending key services, such as the subsidised buses that Janet has helped organise in her ward.

image002.jpgJanet was re-elected in 2016 increasing her majority.

Our record | Haslingfield & The Eversdens

Doug Cattermole swept to election victory in May 2016 in Haslingfield & The Eversdens. As a local dad of four Doug realises how important it is for people to communicate with each other and has since election worked hard to support residents and our excellent parish councils.

Infrastructure and good village services featured heavily in the team's campaign in 2016. With growing village populations we need a strong voice to fight for better infrastructure. The Conservatives have cut budgets to vital services such as local bus services. The Lib Dems are fighting to protect them and now Doug will be taking that fight to the District Council.

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