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    Can you spare a few hours to help?

    The Liberal Democrats success is down to the hard work of all our volunteers and activists. 

    If you would like to help us make a difference to the people in our communities and set the direction of our local towns, villages, cities and the country then you can volunteer your time today.

    Many people have told us how much they have enjoyed helping (a few against their expectations). You can be guaranteed of a warm and grateful reception. There is also often cake.

    If you would like to help out then let us know below. Please provide any information you feel is of interest and we will be in contact to discuss what you may like to do.

    Here's an overview of some of the things you could get involved with.

    Campaigning in our communities 

    Campaigning is about finding out what people think, getting our message out and gathering support.  We are always looking for people who can help us deliver our literature to the thousands of households across South Cambridgeshire. Even better, if you are happy talking to people on the doorstep then we would love to have you join our door knocking teams/events.

    For the Liberal Democrats campaigning is something we like to do all year round. We believe it is important to stay in touch. Whilst election campaigns are a lot of work, there will always be local surveys to do, leaflets to deliver and local issues to campaign on throughout the year. 


    Virtual phone banking

    If you don't want to, or are unable to leave the comfort of your sofa, you can still help out.  The Liberal Democrats run a system of Virtual Phone Banking, a computer based system that allows you to make phone calls from home on our behalf. Even outside of normal election time there is often a by-election somewhere that would welcome your support.

    Administration and 'behind-the scenes' help

    Not everyone wants to be trudging around delivering literature and not everyone is comfortable talking to people on the doorsteps. Many people have useful and valuable skills that they may want to use. We would hate for people to think that we only value you for your delivery skills when in fact there a numerous other things that the party needs to do to be successful. Data entry, managing our social media accounts, creating literature, writing blogs, writing to newspapers (especially local ones) and fundraising are just some of the other administration and 'behind the scenes' work that people can help with 

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