We want our trees back.

In early March the A14 Integrated Delivery Team which is working for Highways England to deliver the A14 project sent its contractors into Histon & Impington to the fell the trees that shield Impington from the A14.

It gave no forewarning, it appears to have rode roughshod over its obligations to minimise its impact on wildlife, and it seems to be working to plans which go beyond those which have been approved


We the undersigned call upon Highways England to:

  • replace the trees which have been cut down and to do so in a manner which delivers a sustainable ecosystem which is an asset to the community;
  • provide sufficient noise protection to all houses in Cambridge Road and Lone Tree Avenue, to the hotel and leisure facilities in the northeast quadrant and to Orchard Park Community School in the southeast quadrant; and to replace the current reflective noise barrier alongside Orchard Park with a non-reflecting one; and 
  • establish systems to monitor and manage air pollution and to develop options to mitigate levels which exceed acceptable thresholds.

We furthermore call on Cambridgeshire County Council to be active in ensuring that Highways England meets its obligations in respect to public health and on South Cambs District Council to be active in ensuring that Highways England meets its obligations regarding noise and air pollution.

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