What to expect from tomorrow's board meeting


What will tomorrow's Board meeting decide? Scroll down to watch Bridget's comments at the last board meeting. Below are links to the draft minutes from last week's GC City Deal Assembly meeting.


The Board is due to hear 32 questions from the public tomorrow.  I believe these will be restricted to 1 minute each, which we know from last week is just not enough time to allow people to put their very strongly held views.

What will be interesting if all the questions are answered by officers as is the case for those put to the Assembly.

Arguably, since it is the Board who are the decision makers it should be they who answer the questions which are put to them. We shall see.

You can watch a video of the speech I made at the very first Assembly meeting asking for some consideration of 'what Cambridge is going to look like after the City Deal' and highlighting the risk of ruining the City. Courtesy of 'Puffles'.

It is very disappointing that I am still banging on about this.

I also reference how ' strongly officer led' the City Deal is - a concern I still hold.

Unfortunately I can't be at the Board meeting tomorrow but would be very keen to hear your views on how it goes

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