Europe in My Village - Our local Brexit stories

This is a compilation of local conversations about the positive impact of our country's membership of the European Union, on every sort of community-based concern: the school, the doctors' surgery, the fruit farm, the care home, the shoe shop, the zoo - or whatever happens to be the nearest business to where you live. Equally, it is about the damage to local economies and opportunities, in particular for young people, that extrication from the European Union inevitably brings.

Conversations began in earnest during the 2017 General Election, when I stood as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for South Cambridgeshire, and was contacted almost as soon as the election was called by the farmer who features in the first profile.  An urgency around the impact of Brexit on local business and public services  became the compelling force of the election conversation.  These conversations have continued.

The impetus behind this collection is to demonstrate in simple, practical terms what is at stake for individual communities at this historic turning point for our country.  Most are with people who live within a mile or so of my house. 

These are our local Brexit stories.

If you have a story to tell, please get in touch: [email protected].

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