Brian Milnes

Brian Milnes, Liberal Democrat Party 


I’ve lived in Shelford and then Sawston for 11 years. We came here when my wife was offered a job at the Medical Research Council. I have two children, both now at Sawston Village College and previously at Stapleford Primary. My wife and I both work from home, me in providing business management services, following a career in building and running various companies.


I came quite late to politics. Although a long-time Liberal Democrat supporter, it was only after the Party’s post-coalition humbling in the 2015 General Election, that I stood up to be counted and joined. One of a now, resurgent, 85,000+ members, I am returning to the electoral fray, after standing for District Council last year.


I became a Sawston Parish Councillor in May ’16 and this, along with being on the local LibDem Party executive, has given me an insight into the political machinations that go on, from central government down to parish level. You may remember the very public accusation by the Conservative leader of Oxfordshire County Council that [local MP and] PM David Cameron did not understand the impact of his Government’s policies “in his own backyard”.


Our own Conservative County Councillors have now twice refused to increase Council Tax by the 2% amount allowed annually, meaning that spending cannot even keep pace with inflation. Our infrastructure will continue to degrade, whether it’s the grass verges, potholes or gritting programmes (on which I successfully petitioned the Council) or the impact in Welfare spending meaning, for example, continued bed blocking due to lack of social care in our communities.


The Liberal Democrats have prepared alternative plans to redress these local issues, as well as to campaign for protection for EU Citizen’s right to stay in the UK and to campaign against Theresa May’s proposed “Hard Brexit” or crazy “No Deal” option. It’s time for a change.

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