Cambourne development may miss affordable housing target


Cambridge Evening News revealed that yet another new development is set to miss its affordable housing target of 40%.

The Cambourne West development of 2,300 new houses may miss the area's affordable homes target.

South Cambs Liberal Democrats have fought relentlessly over the past years to secure 40% affordable housing on all new developments.

We believe that developers should be forced to provide homes for all -the rapidly growing trend for them to be able to renege on their moral obligation to provide homes for those in greatest need because it will impact on their profit margins should cause them, their shareholders and the council to hang their heads in shame.

To argue that the choice is between community facilities and affordable homes is completely disingenuous.  Developers should be made to provide both.

Their job is to make places, not just build houses, and places need homes of all types and the infrastructure to make them good places to live, not one or the other.

Bridget Smith, leader of the South Cambs Lib Dem group and GC City Deal assembly member has voiced serious concerns about the GC City deal proposals for a bus lane along the A428, repeatedly asking for evidence that any buses will actually travel along this multi million pound route.

The route, as well as doing immeasurable damage to the green belt risks being a very expensive white elephant.  Not a foot of tarmac should be laid without irrefutable evidence that a number of high quality bus services will run on it serving the needs of the residents living to the West of the City.

"Complete failure"

Jeni Sawford, Local Liberal democrat campaigner and a member of the Parish council said "This is a complete failure by SCDC to force developers to meet the 40% affordable housing target.

The current City Deal proposals for the Cambourne to Cambridge route won't go nearly far enough to mitigate Cambourne's current transport infrastructure problem.

It's just throwing away money that could be spent on the affordable housing the area is desperate for. We need affordable houses for the next generation to move into - this leaves little hope for families in Cambourne who would like their children to be able to afford to live here.

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