Welcome to the Cottenham ward page. The Cottenham team cover the parishes of Cottenham and Rampton.

Local contacts

Eileen Wilson

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Neil Gough

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Updated 28/07/20:

Coronavirus response

In spite of the ongoing sad news related to the Covid-19 virus, we have valued our involvement with our community’s response efforts over the past few months. It has been hard work 24/7 at times, but inspiring to be part of such a great team. We have fielded many requests for help from residents, and have worked with district council officers to ensure that all shielding and vulnerable residents were contacted so that they knew where to get help if needed. We have got to know many people in the village, even if it's only been possible through chats on the phone.

Most practically, we tried to ensure that local businesses and groups received the grants for which they were eligible. A number of organisations were quite pleasantly surprised to get a call from their local councillor telling them that they were entitled to several thousand pounds! For some, this might have been the difference between being able to survive or not. Businesses have also approached us for support in understanding Covid-19 precautionary measures so that they could reopen safely.  

Reconsidering the Rampton Road closure

We are pleased and relieved that our voices contributed to the reconsideration of the planned closure of Rampton Road for the Cambridge Waterworks. We received more emails and calls from residents and businesses about this issue than any other over the past year. Thank you to those who contacted us and took the time to raise their points directly with the county council and Cambridge Water. The disruption to businesses, farmers and residents would have been severe, and we will be working to ensure that a more flexible and responsive solution is found that respects local needs.

Enjoying the peace and quiet

One of the legacies of the Covid-19 lockdown has been a greater appreciation of the environment and the joys of a quieter village. We are working with residents to ensure that we don’t simply revert to 'the old normal'. We are very pleased that our continued advocacy for the Cottenham to Oakington cycle path has resulted in it being restored to the active plans of the Greater Cambridge Partnership/county. But there is more we would like to see in terms of traffic management through the villages and improved provision for cyclists and pedestrians. If you are interested in getting involved and shaping the ideas, please contact either Neil or Eileen.



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