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Histon Road closure

Eileen and Neil’s work this month has been dominated by responding to the news about the Histon Rd closure. This culminated in a meeting on 24th September with the Greater Cambridge Partnership Project Lead.

The latest plans are that the Histon Rd work will begin at the start of 2020 with the upgrade of the Huntingdon Rd/Victoria Rd junction, which will take 4-5 months and enable the A14 works between junctions 32 and 33 to be completed.

Various options for the Histon Rd closure had been considered, including two-way flow and tidal flow, but these were found to be inferior to the planned inbound closure. The reasoning was sound.

However, it was clear that the work on the scheme failed to recognise the potential interaction with other planned works (e.g. Rampton Rd upgrades associated with Persimmon/Redrow, Cadent gas mains replacement, etc.) and there had been no modelling of traffic flows. The impact on particular groups had also not been recognised, e.g. students travelling to Hills Road, Long Road, etc.

Eileen raised the issues at the GCP Assembly and highlighted the poor consultation (i.e. no consultation) of communities indirectly affected by the scheme and key stakeholders (e.g. schools). We have separately raised with the GCP the need for it to be more expansive and inclusive in the consultation process. Neil met with the Business Manager at Cottenham Village College to explain the closure and discuss the potential impact on teachers and students. The principals at Cottenham Village College and the Centre School have written to the GCP urging consideration of mitigation measures.

Oakington Road footpath

A number of residents along Oakington Rd have raised concerns about the width of the proposed footpath from the Rowells down to the mini-roundabout on Rampton Rd. Eileen organised a site meeting with Bellway and County Highways on 16th September, which also included a resident. The dispute remains unresolved and we understand a resident is seeking legal advice.

Redrow/Gladman developments

We have submitted our comments on these developments, and we have asked to speak at the relevant planning committee, which is not likely to be before November/December.

We have also been made aware that there has been a pre-application for the This Land development. We will be asking for a briefing meeting with the planning officer (Michael Sexton) in the next couple of weeks.

Extracts from our comments on the Gladman proposal:

"We recognise the value of these residential care units to the village but we are very concerned that the 3-storey building is imposing and out of keeping with the immediate surrounding area. The structure would overlook many properties on Rampton Rd and indeed properties on the adjacent Persimmon development."

"We are particularly concerned that the height of the building could compete with the local landmark of the Water Tower, which is a listed building and a key defining feature of the Conservation Area."

"We do not support approval of a building, and a recommendation for approval would be inconsistent with the decision on the integrated Cottenham village hall/nursery building that was refused by the Planning Officer on the basis of its bulk."

Extracts from our comments on the Redrow application:

"There is a need for cycling, pedestrian and mobility scooter permeability from this development into the adjoining Persimmon development for obvious reasons of encouraging people not to use cars for short distances. Access to the path on Rampton Rd through the Persimmon development is particularly important given the care home – this path has been sized for mobility scooters and will become the shortest pedestrian route to village facilities. Persimmon were required to provide for permeability in their scheme at the Reserved Matters stage and we consider it important that this integration is achieved and completed. Residents of these developments should not be living in sub-divisions."

"While the intent for primary and secondary entrances is appreciated, it is almost inevitable that the entrance to the east will become the primary entrance unless there are physical restrictions introduced. If that eastern entrance becomes well used, it may well cause considerable inconvenience to the residents on Rampton Rd opposite (headlights in particular), given the perpendicular orientation of the entrance to Rampton Rd."

"The layout of affordable homes on the right hand side as you enter via the secondary entrance is an unbroken line of identical terraces that looks like barracks. We note that Redrow has not provided a street scene of the entire length of that road (which is an important aspect). It would appear that this is contrary to the policy to ensure affordable homes are pepper-potted - this is a linear concentration of affordable homes along the entire length of one street."

"We also feel that the design of houses is not consistent with Cottenham style or in-keeping with the village design statement. The broken rough lines and ‘arts and crafts’ style jars with the simpler Cottenham style of housing. On a development of this importance and visibility at the western entrance to the village, it is appropriate that a more sympathetic and less suburban design is used."

"We note that the access to this site during the construction phase will be from Rampton Rd. This road is busy and housing is immediately adjacent. It is very important that these matters are considered in restricting working hours, hours of deliveries, dust suppression and ensuring minimal disruption to residents. We are particularly concerned about HCVs depositing mud on this busy road."




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