Local health leaders grave concern about social care

A letter from health service leaders on behalf of the NHS, to the leader of the County Council, spells out the ‘significant and negative consequences for provision of health services for Cambridgeshire patients’ if a 2% precept to fund Social Care is refused.


The overwhelming consensus amongst health professionals is that it is absurd for the Conservatives to refuse the 2% precept to protect Social Care.

The letter points to the consequences for the health service who will have to pick up the strain.

What are the NHS saying?

Lucy Nethsinga, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Cambridgeshire County Council said:


"This letter makes clear why the decision of the Conservative group in Cambridgeshire not to take the 2% social care precept could have really disastrous consequences for NHS services in Cambridgeshire, and for Cambridgeshire patients"

Liberals and health professionals are deeply concerned at the overall reductions in care budgets (older people, disabilities and mental health).

"Disastrous consequences for NHS services in Cambridgeshire"

This will put further pressure on the independent sector care providers in turn worsening the already acute shortages in supply of care.For example, it will make it more difficult to arrange prompt care following a stay in hospital. The letter from the Clinical Commissioning Group also highlights:

"the £2m reduction in meeting the needs of older people – likely to result in unnecessarily extending time in hospital".

It is important to remember how bed space is such a premium in our hospitals.

"Increased risks to patients"

The long term impact will be an increase in bed blocking, with increased costs for the NHS, increased risks to patients, and operations being cancelled.

Liberal Democrats are urging people to get in touch with their local councillor to raise their concerns specifically, either in writing or by email.

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