Tories heap more pressure on councils and social care

The treasury is in the process of reducing the Revenue Support Grant to zero.

Previously the cornerstone of what council's had to spend on vital public services, the grant will be reduced to nothing by 2020.


It means that, although Council's are now responsible for vital services such as adult social care, they will have to somehow find the money from somewhere else.

Conservative councillors in Cambridgeshire remain unlikely to raise extra funds for social care.

George Osborne has allowed Council's to raise council tax by 2% to support social care specifically.

Even more extraordinary is the reluctance of Conservative councillors in Cambridgeshire to agree with their own chancellor as they seem unlikely to accept a 2% rise in council tax.

This could raise an extra £4.8m to help the elderly or sick. We will have to wait until next month to see exactly what the Conservative budget will look like.

What the county council budget means


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