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PeterMcDonald.png Peter McDonald (District Councillor)

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AgriTech Donation Scandal Latest: Secretary of State Refuses 
to Meet Parishes

The Conservative Secretary of State has refused to meet local parishes to discuss the AgriTech development. Meanwhile a Conservative MP is lobbying for the development to go ahead.

Parish councils had written to the Secretary of State to ask him to withdraw from the AgriTech appeal, following the revelation that AgriTech developer holding company Hill Group Services made a huge £20,000 donation to the Conservatives.

Cllr Peter McDonald says: “How can the Secretary of State refuse to meet parishes and yet allow Tory MPs to lobby for the proposal?”

You can sign the petition to ask the Secretary of State to withdraw from the AgriTech appeal here


Wellcome Genome Campus Plan Much Larger than Previously Suggested

Wellcome Genome Campus has submitted its application for expansion, which includes 1,500 dwellings, a hotel and commercial space for rent at the site.

Given the significant change to the site’s nature, Cllr Peter McDonald has now voiced his opposition to the development and will work with parish councils to campaign against this.

He says: “The parish councils have engaged with the Campus but now find a huge commercial expansion submitted after the Campus’s initial consultations with local communities.”

“This is not appropriate for Hinxton and the local villages. Moreover the traffic measures suggested by the Campus on the A1301 are not workable. The traffic on the A505 carries 28,000 vehicles per day.”


North Uttlesford Garden Village Latest

North Uttlesford Garden Community Local Parishes submitted their comments to the Sustainability Plan.

Hinxton Parish Council objected strongly to the proposal, arguing that:

• The site of the NUGC is unjustified

• The NUGC would:

  1. create unmanageable and unmitigated traffic burdens for nearby villages
  2. greatly increase flood risks for downstream villages
  3. jeopardise South Cambridgeshire’s water supply
  4. irreparably damage the landscape for a large area of South Cambridgeshire
  5. irreparably damage important archaeological and heritage features
  6. The burden and infrastructure costs of NUGC would overwhelmingly fall on communities in South Cambridgeshire without any prospect of financial remedy from Uttlesford.



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