Support Our EU Citizens


EU citizens have been left in a legal limbo, their right to live the life they have made here with us thrown in to uncertainty.

Here in South Cambridgeshire there are large numbers of EU citizens* who may be worried about their future.

The Liberal Democrats think it is a disgrace that so many, who have contributed so much, should have been left in a state of uncertainty for so long. These people are our colleagues, friends and family. They had no say in the referendum but have been deeply affected by it.

It is a matter of simple common decency that their right to the life they have built here be protected, irrespective of what else the UK chooses to do. Our MPs and Lords are leading the fight on this in Westminster.

At a local level we are concerned about the impact on those EU citizens who are part of our communities and lives. I is heart breaking to hear from our members and from those we speak to who tell us that they are now questioning if they are welcome. We want to say unequivocally that they are, and we call on all community leaders to do the same.

We are deeply concerned about the rise in not just hate crime, but the general intolerance towards people perceived as not being British. We believe our communities are, at heart, open and tolerant places and that this is not the outcome anyone, however they voted in the referendum, wants to see.

We want to hear from you.

We believe that personal stories are an important part of helping people understand what is happening. If you are willing to share your story then please do contact us.

Our Councillors are always willing to hear your views and to help where they can. 

As members of the Council we will not forget what EU citizens in our communities are currently facing. We will continue to press those in charge to recognise just how damaging the current position is not just for EU citizens but for everyone, including local businesses and services.

Register to Vote. Make your voice heard.

Whilst the opportunity to vote in National elections, and the referendum was denied to many EU citizens, you can be sure that the media will be scrutinising the next local elections very carefully and trying to discern what it might mean for support in our government (and opposition). EU citizens can vote in local elections, and we would urge everyone to ensure they register to vote, and to make your voice heard at the ballot box.

Sign our petition to support EU citizens and protect their right to stay.

We are collecting signatures to help demonstrate the support for EU citizens in South Cambridgeshire.




(* we do recognise that, for now at least, all UK citizens are also EU citizens, however we are using EU citizen to refer to those who are EU citizens who are not also UK citizens... it's just less cumbersome)