Fen Ditton & Fulbourn

Welcome to the Fen Ditton & Fulbourn ward page. We cover the parishes of Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Great Wilbraham, Horningsea, Little Wilbraham, Six Mile Bottom, Stow cum Quy and Teversham.

Local contacts

Anna Bradnam (County Councillor)

email-pic.png cllr.bradnam@scambs.gov.uk   phone-pic.png  01223 862364  

Claire Daunton (District Councillor)

email-pic.png cllr.daunton@scambs.gov.uk    phone-pic.png  07905 473395    fb-pic.png /councillor.daunton

John Williams (District Councillor & County Councillor)

email-pic.png john.williams@cambridgeshire.gov.uk   phone-pic.png  07527 490132    fb-pic.png /cllrjohn.williams/

You can also get in touch with any of our main South Cambs contacts found here



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We have been providing information and support to several of our villages concerning major new developments close to Fen Ditton (Wing site), Teversham (Cherry Hinton North site) Horningsea and Fen Ditton (Waterbeach New Town). We are also keeping residents informed about planning for a major redevelopment of the area adjacent to Cambridge North rail station (Cambridge Northern Fringe).

We have been closely involved in village planning projects, including Village Design Statements, Neighbourhood Plans, the updating of housing surveys and conservation plans. We have been pleased to work with the relevant parish groups to see them develop.

We continue to work with Enforcement Officers to monitor noise in Fen Ditton from the aggregates works at Cambridge North and another nearby site. We followed up another report of noise very recently. 

We arranged for a Planning Officer to come and speak to parish councillors in one of our villages. The Highways Officer also visited recently and we were able to take part in the visit. We are very willing to arrange more officer visits to other villages as requested.

Ditton Lane Car Park

We have worked closely with residents to improve the SCDC car park in Ditton Lane; much has been done and we are keeping in contact to ensure there is no return of previous problems.

Street lighting

We have been working with residents in various parts of the ward to improve street lighting.

Let's Get Moving

We were pleased to introduce Ellen Bridges, the County's 'Let's Get Moving' co-ordinator, who has organised village activities.

Speed Monitoring

We have worked with police to bring forward the installation of a speed-recording data camera in the Six Mile Bottom area.

Car Parking

We have been working throughout the year in various parts of the district to tackle parking problems.



Liberal Democrats run local campaigns across the District. We all support each other to do this, pooling our knowledge and efforts. You can view our campaigns on the campaigns page of this website.

Campaigns which are particularly relevant to us here in Fen Ditton & Fulbourn are highlighted below.