Fen Ditton & Fulbourn

Welcome to the Fen Ditton & Fulbourn ward page. We cover the parishes of Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Great Wilbraham, Horningsea, Little Wilbraham, Six Mile Bottom, Stow cum Quy and Teversham.

Local contacts

Anna Bradnam (County Councillor)

email-pic.png cllr.bradnam@scambs.gov.uk   phone-pic.png  01223 862364  

Claire Daunton (District Councillor)

email-pic.png cllr.daunton@scambs.gov.uk    phone-pic.png  07905 473395    fb-pic.png /councillor.daunton

John Williams (District Councillor & County Councillor)

email-pic.png john.williams@cambridgeshire.gov.uk   phone-pic.png  07527 490132    fb-pic.png /cllrjohn.williams/

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Fly-tipping latest

There have been further incidents of fly-tipping in High Ditch Road, but we can assure residents that South Cambs District Council has this in hand. Fen Ditton is one of the areas where the council is focusing its new measures to combat fly-tipping, which include working more closely with farmers and other local businesses, and co-ordinating better with different divisions of waste management.

More than 900 fly-tips a year are recorded in South Cambs, costing hundreds of thousands to clear up. Most of them originate in well-intentioned households. What you can do to help end fly-tipping 

Hedges and pathways cleared

We are pleased to report that, following resident requests, we have arranged for overgrown hedges and pathways to be cut back and repaired in several places across the ward, making them safer for those living nearby.

North East Forum

Anna and Claire attended a meeting of the new North East Forum on 1stAugust. This body has been set up to consider the Area Action Plan (AAP) for the 160-hectare site around Cambridge North Station.

The plan is to develop this area for housing, recreation, industrial units, and a hotel and associated facilities, over a period 20 years. The plan as currently conceived is dependent on Anglian Water relocating its Water Treatment Plant, a separate process that could take up to six years.

At the meeting, planners presented on the many issues that need to be grappled with, including transport, sustainability, employment, housing mix, industrial strategy, place-making, provision of services including water and energy, noise and pollution. But they have already made a good start on laying out principles for development, and there was a good discussion of the issues raised, and of comments made by the public at the consultations already held. The planners have already begun to take into account many of the points made. The Forum will now meet regularly over the coming years of planning the site.

Bus matters

CABU represents bus passengers in and around Cambridge. It has recently had useful meetings with Stagecoach and Ascendal/Whippet, who have pledged to work to improve services for passengers throughout the county. 

As a result, we hope to see some helpful changes to the 3/17 morning timetable from September, and to the evening timetable later in the year, so that the service runs at times more appropriate for the users and journey times are reduced.

Stagecoach has also introduced cheaper fares for those crossing Cambridge and engaged in a consultation about routes both within and beyond the city, and is investing in additional vehicles and drivers.

Most recently a new route through the Wing development to the Biomedical Campus has been proposed. It is important that this is seen not just as an employees' bus service but one for local residents too, and we are raising this point.

We are also working with Stagecoach to prepare a questionnaire on bus use in Teversham and the surrounding area.

Under the auspices of CABU, we will continue to work with operators on routes that cover Fen Ditton and Fulbourn.

Please do join CABU and sign up to its newsletter, so that you can bring your specific concerns to the group's attention. Find CABU on Facebook 

Real-time bus information displays have been a welcome addition to bus stops on Cambridge Road, Fulbourn. These were provided by Accent Housing Group on completion of the Swifts estate. Further real-time displays will be provided by the Ida Darwin housing development.

Cambridge Ice Arena is finally here!

We are excited that, after 25 years in the making, the Cambridge Ice Arena on Newmarket Road is finally opening on Bank Holiday Monday, 26thAugust. Admission will be free on Opening Day, for local people to try out this public rink that meets International Ice Hockey Federation standards and will also be home to the Cambridge University Ice Hokey Team.

Your free tickets must be booked in advance via the Better website




Liberal Democrats run local campaigns across the District. We all support each other to do this, pooling our knowledge and efforts. You can view our campaigns on the campaigns page of this website.

Campaigns which are particularly relevant to us here in Fen Ditton & Fulbourn are highlighted below.