Fen Ditton & Fulbourn

Welcome to the Fen Ditton & Fulbourn ward page. We cover the parishes of Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Great Wilbraham, Horningsea, Little Wilbraham, Six Mile Bottom, Stow cum Quy and Teversham.

Local contacts

Anna Bradnam (County Councillor)

email-pic.png cllr.bradnam@scambs.gov.uk   phone-pic.png  01223 862364  

Claire Daunton (District Councillor)

email-pic.png cllr.daunton@scambs.gov.uk    phone-pic.png  07905 473395    fb-pic.png /councillor.daunton

John Williams (District Councillor & County Councillor)

email-pic.png john.williams@cambridgeshire.gov.uk   phone-pic.png  07527 490132    fb-pic.png /cllrjohn.williams/

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Lib Dems back lorry bans

Lib Dem county councillors have objected to a proposal to scrap HGV weight restrictions on local roads.

Cambridgeshire County Council has suggested that it’s too difficult to police weight restrictions to stop HGVs using inappropriate roads unnecessarily. But villages like the Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom suffer from lorry drivers taking shortcuts between main roads.

Lib Dem councillor John Williams says: "Having heavy lorries up to 44 tonnes travel along unsuitable roads brings about not just unwelcome noise and vibration for residents but also health issues, from air pollution to stress."

Instead of removing controls, the county council must introduce a well-managed HGV route network that is supported by physical and weight restrictions and backed by local planning conditions.

New LED streetlights for Fulbourn

As South Cambs District Council's Lead Cabinet Member for Finance, Councillor John Williams has agreed to give more money to the replacement of district council-owned streetlights, to enable ornate ones like those on Cow Lane, Fulbourn to be replaced with similar LED ones. And if parish councils wish, inappropriate concrete and steel lights owned by South Cambs in Conservation Areas can also be replaced with ornate ones. 

This contrasts with the botched way the Conservative county council went about replacing its streetlights, leaving many residential streets with fewer lights and odd spacing, and communities with no choice as to the type of replacement.

Lib Dem-controlled South Cambs is replacing its streetlights with LED ones on a one-for-one basis as part of its Zero Carbon plan to reduce energy consumption in the district. The new lights will also be cheaper to maintain.

Transport and transformation

It’s very good news that a bid from Teversham Parish Council for a Zero Carbon Communities grant successfully brought in almost £15,000 to the parish. This was one of the largest awards from South Cambs District Council as part of our carbon-reduction work. The money is being put to very good use: it will bring to the village four electric bikes, along with stands and lockers, provided by Cambridge Electric Transport. Teversham residents will be able to hire these bikes as a cheap, effective, low-carbon form of transport. In a village very poorly served by public transport, this has to be a winner. Congratulations to the Parish Council. Councillors Claire Daunton and John Williams are delighted to be working with them on this scheme.

It’s also good news that one of these bikes will be located in the Ferndale area of Teversham, close to flats and bungalows where a refurbishment programme is underway. The work involves improving the energy-efficiency and appearance of the buildings; improving the parking and green areas around them; improving bin storage; and putting in cycle racks as well as the e-bike stand. We are working together, towards our Zero Carbon goal, delivering improvements to the living conditions of residents.






Liberal Democrats run local campaigns across the District. We all support each other to do this, pooling our knowledge and efforts. You can view our campaigns on the campaigns page of this website.

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