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Local contacts

Sebastian Kindersley (County Councillor)

email-pic.png     phone-pic.png  01767 651982      twitter-pic.png @SebKindersley

Bridget Smith (District Councillor and Leader, South Cambridgeshire District Council)

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Pre-school education in Gamlingay

It is very disappointing that the County Council has suggested the First School site for development. We believe it should again be used for education to meet the demand for pre-school places, especially with the new housing due at Green End and West Road. The decision rests with South Cambs so we hope that sense will prevail. 

Although we think there is a shortfall, County officers have not received any correspondence from parents about not being able to find childcare or Early Years places in the village. If you have had difficulty please do let us and the County Council know.


An officer from South Cambs’ Environmental Health department visited some of the residents concerned about the profusion of flies in the village, as well as the chicken farm on Station Road. They verified the farm’s fly-control measures and found the place to be well managed, with all its methods to monitor and control insects being deployed correctly. The visit lasted nearly two hours and included a long discussion with the managers, who take the reports from local residents very seriously.

As was the case when this issue arose previously, the chicken farm appears not to be responsible. We were advised back then that changes in the climate and agricultural methods, which lead to 'boom and bust' life cycles of this particular species of fly, were the likely explanation, and this again seems to be the case.

Gamlingay business news

S and G Hutchinson, who built the Eco Hub, has been granted planning permission, upon appeal to the planning inspector, to move its office from Potton Market Place to Church End, Gamlingay. This will not be a builders’ yard but the administrative base for this successful local developer.

Gamlingay Business Hub will hold two meetings in September for local businesses to discuss the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.



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