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Welcome to the Harston & Comberton ward page. The Harston & Comberton team cover the parishes of Barton, Comberton, Coton, Grantchester, Harlton, Harston, Haslingfield, Hauxton and Trumpington Meadows.

Local contacts

PhilipAllen.png Philip Allen (District Councillor)

email-pic.png philipallen.libdem@gmail.com    phone-pic.png 07963 526137

 Tony Mason (District Councillor)

email-pic.png  tonymason.libdem@gmail.com    phone-pic.png 07534 037089

IanPPC.png Ian Sollom (District Councillor & Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, South Cambs)

email-pic.png iansollom.libdem@gmail.com    phone-pic.png 07722 065475    fb-pic.png /IanFSollom     twitter-pic.png  @IanSollom

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Mayor changes mind on busway - again!

Plans for the Cambourne to Cambridge busway seem to have been shelved after Mayor James Palmer, who had earlier backed the project, intervened to try to take control away from the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP). Specifics of the scheme, including cutting through Coton and eight lanes of tarmac next to Hardwick, were opposed by South Cambs Lib Dems.

The Mayor had paused the project in 2018 to ensure it aligned with his vision for the Cambridge Autonomous Metro (CAM). We were disappointed when he then chose to back the busway on the basis that it would be the first phase of CAM. But he now seems to have changed his mind again. He hasn’t put forward an alternative, but has suggested there could be new bus services from Cambourne in the coming months.

Councillor Ian Sollom said: “I’m glad that the Mayor has listened to the concerns of the local communities, which I had consistently raised at the GCP Assembly. There’s an urgent need for public transport for the communities to the west into Cambridge, but this was the wrong scheme. I urge the Mayor to bring forward alternative plans as soon as possible, and interim solutions to the problems on Madingley Hill, without which any new bus services will simply get stuck in the existing traffic.”

It’s not clear if the Mayor has the power to take control of the scheme from the GCP, but we understand discussions with central government are ongoing.  Councillor Philip Allen is concerned that residents’ views should be heard in any change of governance for the Cambourne-Cambridge corridor. He said: “The many problems of this scheme have consistently been raised by residents, who have felt ignored. I sincerely hope the Mayor will now work with residents and local representatives in bringing forward a better scheme - this must not be a power grab that ends with another change of heart by the Mayor.”

New air-quality monitors to be piloted in Harston

You’ll soon see a solar-powered 'pod' fixed to a lamppost or road sign in Harston – this is the new air-quality monitor being piloted by South Cambs District Council, to measure toxic particulates and nitrogen dioxide in the air. The pilot is expected to last up to a year, gathering data that the Council can factor into its review of permanent monitoring sites across the district.

Councillor Tony Mason is working with Council officers to identify the best spot for the pod, which needs to be representative of where people - particularly children, in our view - breathe. So somewhere near the school will be top priority! Once the monitor is installed, we expect real-time data to be available to the public via the Council website.

Tony said: “We all know that traffic along the A10 through the village is terrible at peak times, but the data from this pod will help us understand just what that volume of traffic is doing to the air that we, and especially kids going to school, breathe. We hope it will help build the case for more significant transport interventions along the A10."



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