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Welcome to the Harston & Comberton ward page. The Harston & Comberton team cover the parishes of Barton, Comberton, Coton, Grantchester, Harlton, Harston, Haslingfield, Hauxton and Trumpington Meadows.

Local contacts

PhilipAllen.png Philip Allen (District Councillor)

email-pic.png philipallen.libdem@gmail.com    phone-pic.png 07963 526137

 Tony Mason (District Councillor)

email-pic.png  tonymason.libdem@gmail.com    phone-pic.png 07534 037089

IanPPC.png Ian Sollom (District Councillor & Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, South Cambs)

email-pic.png iansollom.libdem@gmail.com    phone-pic.png 07722 065475    fb-pic.png /IanFSollom     twitter-pic.png  @IanSollom

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Updated 07/08/20

Cambourne to Cambridge busway: alternative route to be explored

Plans for the Cambourne to Cambridge busway have been put on hold to investigate alternative routes, after proposals were withdrawn from the latest meeting of the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Board.

Political opposition to the route galvanised this year, with the South Cambs Lib Dems, who have long opposed the proposed route, joined by Mayor James Palmer, who had previously backed the proposals.

District councillor Ian Sollom said, “I’m glad that the concerns of the local communities, which I have consistently raised at the GCP Assembly, have been heeded by the GCP Board. There’s an urgent need for public transport for the communities to the west of Cambridge, but this was the wrong scheme. We now urgently need some interim measures for Madingley Hill.”

Speaking at the GCP Board meeting, Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Aidan Van de Weyer said that the Coton off-road route needed to be “taken off the table” and an alternative route found.

Further Bennell Farm development unacceptable

An application to build a further 45 dwellings on the Bennell Farm site adjacent to Comberton has been met with strong opposition. The original development of 90 dwellings forms part of South Cambs’ Local Plan.

District councillor Ian Sollom said, “Adding half as many houses again to this development goes far beyond the scope of what was in the Local Plan for this site, and the cumulative impact on Comberton of adding 135 new dwellings in such a short period is unacceptable. I will be urging the South Cambs Planning Committee to reject this application.”

Tackling litter on Grantchester Meadows

Lockdown has seen an increase in people escaping to Grantchester Meadows, but sadly it has also seen an increase in litter left from picnics and parties, and a cow suffocated on a plastic bag earlier in the summer.

As Grantchester Meadows are owned by King’s College, the district council cannot send out litter pickers, and this job has fallen on teams of volunteers from Grantchester and Newnham.

But the council has increased collections from the bins located at the end of the Meadows and is sending out an enforcement officer to patrol the Meadows on busy days.

Ian said, “We owe a huge thank you to the volunteers who remove litter from the Meadows every year.”



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