Hinxton Agri-park Development

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Parish Councils and residents have been saying NO to plans for a proposed new 'Agri-park' development at Hinxton. 

An outline planning application for a new 4000 staff 'Agri-Tech' business park in Hinxton is currently being considered.

No major Agri-tech business has plans to locate to the site and therefore it currently appears to have no status as an AgriTech development.

The proposal covers 1 million square feet of industrial buildings, huge car parking areas and 4000 staff members on site, putting considerable additional pressures on the A505 and the already congested roundabout with the A1301 (BP and McDonalds).

The Hinxton, Duxford and Pampisford Parish Councils have all unanimously objected to this application.

Peter McDonald and the Duxford Liberal Democrats call for the outline planning application for a new business park at Hinxton to be withdrawn or rejected.

If you feel as strongly as I and many of the local parish councils do, then please submit an objection or comment to the planning authority.

You can view the outline application here.

You can submit your comment to the planning authority here.

You only have until the 26th January to submit comments.


Sign our petition

We will be keeping this petition running past the above deadline to demonstrate the strength of feeling in the community, to support the Parish Councils' objections and to continue to lobby for the plans to be rejected.



We will provide updates on our campaign news feed. Be sure to check back now and again.



The red area shows the extent of the planning application boundary. The roundabout included at the top of the map is the BP/McDonalds roundabout on the A505