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Welcome to the Histon & Impington ward page. The Histon & Impington team cover the parishes of Histon, Impington and Orchard Park.

Local contacts

Martin Cahn (District Councillor)

email-pic.png [email protected]    phone-pic.png  07826 748407    twitter-pic.png     fb-pic.png /martin.cahn

Pippa Heylings (District Councillor)

email-pic.png  [email protected]    phone-pic.png  07837 228416     twitter-pic.png /pippa4hiop    fb-pic.png  /pippaheylings4hiop/

Steven Hunt (District Councillor)

email-pic.png  [email protected]    phone-pic.png 01223 455180     twitter-pic.png      fb-pic.png  /cllrstevehunt/


David Jenkins (County Councillor)

email-pic.png [email protected]     phone-pic.png 07739 758859     twitter-pic.png @jdjhiston     fb-pic.png /johndavid.jenkins



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Updated 11/08/20:

Burdett House proposed closure – thanks to all those who signed the petition, it made a difference!

Local residents and the Lib Dem team pulled together to put a stop to the callous treatment of the elderly residents of Burdett House at the height of the pandemic.

Our petition was signed by 826 people from far and wide – from local Histon to Houston, Texas – and this has helped to achieve a stay of execution on the proposed closure of the assisted living home. This in turn has lifted, temporarily at least, the terrible anguish under which residents had been placed.

The owners, Abbeyfield Society, have publicly apologised “wholeheartedly” for the “error” of writing to the residents saying that the home would close on 30th June.

Abbeyfield have confirmed that residents won’t be evicted, and that there is no new deadline for closure. They have reassured families that no closure will happen until everyone has been able to find suitable accommodation.

Pippa said, “At this time when all of us are concerned about our elderly relatives and neighbours, we have insisted that the charity Abbeyfield must keep to their word: confirm that the safety and mental health of the residents is their paramount concern, that no resident will be asked to view alternative accommodation until it is safe to do so and social distancing is no longer needed.” Read more on this story

Great community response to Covid-19

Local volunteer groups in Histon & Impington and Orchard Park have done such fantastic work to support their communities during the lockdown.

County, district and parish councillors, local charities and churches came together to ensure that vulnerable residents were being looked after. They also supported the start-up of local businesses and measures to raise the mood of the community.

David said: “It’s been community action at its best. No politics, no self-interest and no discrimination. Just local people coming together to look after each other.”

Water treatment plant move – make sure you have your say

Anglian Water is planning to move the Cambridge wastewater treatment plant from its present site, in order to make way for a major new development close to Cambridge North station.

Initial confidential consultations with your local councillors about two alternative locations for the new plant, between Milton and Impington, resulted in an additional location east of the River Cam being put forward.

These three sites have been put out to public consultation, which will run until 19th August 2020.

Residents living in communities nearest to the sites are being asked for their opinions. You should have received a guide to the three alternatives and a reply-paid questionnaire.

Be sure to fill in your reply and have your say at https://cwwtpr.com


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