Housing in Crisis needs a Homestead Allowance raised by a Land Value Tax

This is a joint meeting with Positive Money.  Why not come early and enjoy a Thai meal?

How can Land Value Tax and a Universal Basic Income together relieve the Housing Crisis?
A Universal Basic Income raised on Land Value Tax principles could be distributed to all citizens as a 'Homestead Allowance'.

Land Value Taxation has recently had press coverage in The Times and other papers. 
See here from which The Times article is taken.  LVT finds favour among SNP, Greens, and LibDems and many Labour members. 'The Land', which is the unofficial LibDem anthem, refers to this policy. There are also many non Party campaign groups such as The International Union, The Henry George Foundation, The Land Value Tax Campaign and The School of Economic Science. It finds favour with communists a capitalist developers. It is successful in both local and national government in some countries abroad.
This meeting will review its basic principles showing how it could stimulate housing development while raising money that should morally go to all citizens as a Homestead Allowance.

Simultaneously the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all citizens has been making progress in several EU countries.  Finland has outlined the principles for a trial it will conduct.
The idea of UBI is to remove the 'poverty trap' that occurs when a benefit recipient enters employment. In fact benefits can be so complex that a recipient may have a near full-time job chasing round the many agencies and advice centres, not to mention the army of people employed to assess and disburse current benefits. Steve Webb (LibDem) and Ian Duncan-Smith must have been aware of these problems when developing Universal Credit in the coalition government. It's a pity that that is not really universal and near poverty traps remain.
A citizen's Income is supported by The Green Party, and was the Policy of the Liberal Party until replaced by the idea of raising the tax threshold to £10,000. Now that that has been achieved the LibDems may again embrace a Citizen's Income.
Many economists favour something like it. Even Maggie Thatcher's favourite Milton Friedman favoured a 'negative income tax'.
For more information see: http://citizensincome.org/

September 14, 2016 at 7:45pm - 10:45pm
The Cricketers' Thai pub / restaurant at the corner of Eden Street and Prospect Row
Bill Powell · · 01223 843415
William Powell

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