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List of Roads

Below is a list of all the unadopted roads in Longstanton together with who is managing the roads before adoption. If you know who to fill in for the ? and their contact details please do let me know!

List of Roads and their Developers/Road Managers

Road  Developer/Manager Responsible
Sheepwash Way Vine Technical Services
Stevensons Way Vine Technical Services

Duddle Drive - up to 53

Duddle Drive - 53 onwards

Vine Technical Services


Mitchcroft Road - up to 29/40

Mitchcroft Road - 29/40 - 1



Eaton Way

Walker Way

Garwood Drive Kier 
Lofthouse Way ?
Hart Close
Kides Crescent


Note: Vine Technical Services is working on behalf of: Barratt’s Northampton, Taylor Wimpey East Anglia and Cofton Ltd

Latest Update


All roads owned by Kier (see above) have been inspected and passed by the Highway Inspector and placed onto the 12 month maintenance period as per the S38 Agreement with the council. There were no outstanding issues at the time it was placed on to maintenance, however a further inspection will be carried out prior to adoption in case any further issues have come to light. This is due mid-2017

Meanwhile Kier remain responsible for the highways and streetlighting on their areas, please contact Heather Wilson on her email: [email protected] or phone number 07794032078: 

Vine Technical Services on behalf of Barratt’s Northampton, Taylor Wimpey East Anglia and Cofton Ltd

The majority of the land is owned by Cofton, who went into administration. This has resulted in sewer and highway adoptions being unachievable to date.

Reece Horner of Vine says:

 The courts have recently awarded an extension to the administration period by a year to allow the legal procedures to be executed. This safeguards the highways at Longstanton from becoming crown land, which otherwise would have caused greater issues and would have been unchartered territory for the solicitors involved, us as adoption engineers and the developers themselves. The legal work for the other site referred to is due for completion in February. I would envisage Longstanton being completed sometime in March 2017 approximately. Meanwhile, the maintenance liability rests with Taylor Wimpey and Barratt’s. After the legal work is done, adoption will be bought to the forefront.

Please feel free to email Reece directly on [email protected] if you have any issues with roads etc.

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