Welcome to the Linton ward page. The Linton team cover the parishes of Bartlow, Castle Camps, Great Abington, Hildersham, Linton, Little Abington and Shudy Camps.

Local contacts

Henry Batchelor (District Councillor & County Councillor)

email-pic.png   phone-pic.png   07973 549541   twitter-pic.png      fb-pic.png 

John Batchelor (District Councillor)

email-pic.png   phone-pic.png   01223 892111   twitter-pic.png      fb-pic.png 


You can also get in touch with any of our main South Cambs contacts found here



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A1307 Update

As everyone will have seen, the upgrades to the road are moving forward. The eastbound bus lane and speed limit changes outside of Linton are now implemented, along with the upgraded foot/cycle path next to the road.

Work on the traffic lights and pedestrian crossing at the junction at the top of Linton High Street will begin on February 11th 2020 and run for up to 6 weeks, but are likely to complete sooner - please expect some disruption to journey times.

The work on the Dean Road crossing has moved to the 2020/21 programme, to be coordinated with the new roundabout at the Bartlow junction

All projects should be complete before the end of March 2021.



Liberal Democrats run local campaigns across the District. We all support each other to do this, pooling our knowledge and efforts. You can view our campaigns on the campaigns page of this website.

Campaigns which are particularly relevant to us here in Linton are highlighted below.