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Updated 30/11/20

Community Governance Review – final outcome

Following a consultation process that began last November, we are pleased to report that our Community Governance Review has resulted in the decision to create a new parish council for Northstowe. The establishment of Northstowe Town Council will allow the community to build its own identity and better represent its own interests, and we know this has always been a very popular option for residents.

Elections for the 15 councillors for Northstowe Town Council will take place in 2021, and those elected will serve for just one year, so that Northstowe can then fall in step with the rest of the district’s parish and town council elections, which are due to take place in 2022.

It was also decided as a result of the Review that the new parish boundary for Northstowe would include Northstowe only, and land north of the busway would become part of Willingham Civil Parish.

Sarah said: “I’m so grateful to all the local residents who took the time to reflect on what would work best for our local communities and took part in our consultations. There’s been a fantastic amount of engagement and that’s been absolutely key in informing the decisions that have been made about how our communities want to reflect their identities and ensure they are represented through local governance. Thanks too to the dedicated Council staff who have led the Review process – with the added pressures of running a consultation during the pandemic – and have given up many evenings and weekends to ensure residents were able to share their concerns and ambitions throughout.

“But this is really just the start of the process. I’m now looking forward to supporting our existing parish councils as these changes take effect, as well as the new Northstowe Town Council as it establishes itself.”

Alex said: “I echo Sarah’s gratitude to everyone who took part in the Review, and especially to our hard-working parish councils who have invested such an enormous amount of time over recent years into Northstowe – from providing local insights during the planning process to supporting local residents during the Review. I am happy these new arrangements will make it possible for our local communities to have agency over their governance, and look forward to working with the new Town Council and our excellent existing parish councils alike.

“We would like to encourage Northstowe residents to put themselves forward for the new Town Council. There will be loads of opportunities to find out more about what the role involves, and specific training and support for the new Councillors.”

The full Community Governance Review report 
PDF of the new parish boundary map

Pioneer Park 

The park next to the school, including a play area and a MUGA, has formally opened at last. The slope on the MUGA has been questioned by residents, but this is in accordance with planning documents, to allow adequate drainage. It is intended for informal kickabouts – formal sports pitches for competitive games will be delivered in the future. 

Longstanton water levels

An investigation into the reduced water levels in Longstanton has been carried out, and we want to reassure residents that we have been committed to this being fully independent and transparent. The consultation  was commissioned by South Cambs District Council following our requests to the council's Chief Executive, but the consultant was chosen by the parish council to ensure independence, and the parish council approved the brief for the investigation. We are expecting the report to be available before Christmas and we will inform residents of the findings. Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that any recommendations from the report are acted upon and, if necessary, enforcement action is taken.

Property on Vicarage Close, Oakington

The area manager for Oakington visited the site and spoke at length to residents – thank you to those who took the time to speak to him. However, his response was not what we or the community wanted:

"Following my site visit to Vicarage Close, I have discussed your request in more detail with colleagues, including the Head of Development Management. Whilst we appreciate the degree of local concern within Vicarage Close regarding the state of the property and garden, we do not consider that it adversely affects the amenity of the area to the extent that a S215 notice is required.

"As discussed, my interpretation of councils’ use of these powers in domestic circumstances is where, for example, waste, fly-tipping, construction waste, abandoned furniture, rubble, abandoned vehicles, damaged facias, crumbling brick, etc. are readily apparent.

"The fencing around the property is admittedly in poor condition. But this is more readily apparent from the rear garden area, which I would normally consider a civil matter between property owners and not a wider public amenity matter as experienced from the Close.

"Having looked at the property, whilst it is in need of some maintenance, including the clearing of guttering and re-staining of the front fascia etc, it does not appear derelict; most of the windows, brickwork and roofing appear in sound condition. My advice would be for local residents to persist in their engagement with Bush, particularly if the house is to be put up for sale shortly, to get the garden cut back at the very least."

Please don't hesitate to email us if you would like to discuss the above matters or anything else:

Sarah Cheung Johnson [email protected]

Alex Malyon [email protected]

District Councillors for Longstanton, Oakington and Northstowe



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