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Welcome to the Milton & Waterbeach ward page. The Milton & Waterbeach team cover the parishes of Landbeach, Milton and Waterbeach.

Local contacts

Anna Bradnam, District Councillor & County Councillor

email-pic.png  [email protected]   phone-pic.png  01223 862364       

Judith Rippeth, District Councillor

email-pic.png  [email protected]   phone-pic.png  07956 528223  fb-pic.png   /judith.rippeth.3

Hazel Smith, District Councillor

email-pic.png  [email protected]   phone-pic.png  07763 560857     

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Updated 25/11/20

Waterbeach to Cambridge public and active transport

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is developing schemes for improving the public transport network around Cambridge. One of these is Waterbeach-Cambridge, for which there is a public consultation running until Monday 14th December 2020.

The GCP has developed four 'areas of interest'. Three of these pass through a narrow area at the junction of Cambridge Rd and Glebe Rd in Waterbeach, threatening homes and allotments.

The choice given to Waterbeach villagers is to select one of the routes that could result in home demolition, or a different route, far to the west, which doesn’t serve Waterbeach village at all. We feel alternative options should have been put forward for the consultation.

Mayor Palmer’s influence is threatening homes, due to his hugely expensive Cambridge Autonomous Metro (CAM) vanity project. The GCP has only provided options that could be 'CAM-compliant' and therefore ruled out a route along the High Street. Similarly, in Milton the route options bypass the village.

If elected as Mayor in May next year, Lib Dem candidate Aidan Van de Weyer will review the CAM scheme.

We have been working with residents in the area to highlight the damage that could be done and persuade the GCP to take a different approach.

Some good news about cycle paths

At last County Highways, in conjunction with the Greater Cambridge Partnership, are nearing the completion of the Fen Ditton cycle path on the east side of Ditton Lane. 

The bank below the paddock was recently cut back, re-profiled and stablilised using (green!) seed-impregnated fibrous matting, under which bulbs have been planted. So that should be a treat in the spring!

Anna supported residents when they requested that, while Ditton Lane was closed, the team did some cautious siding back on the west side of Ditton Lane too. This has been a complete success, with the footway widened significantly on both sides. While on site, with time to spare, the team even trimmed back vegetation along part of the Wadloes cycle path towards Cambridge. Anna recently spoke to parents and children walking, cycling and scooting to school along the cycle path and they were universally appreciative of the wider, safer path.




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