Milton & Waterbeach

Welcome to the Milton & Waterbeach ward page. The Milton & Waterbeach team cover the parishes of Landbeach, Milton and Waterbeach.

Local contacts

Anna Bradnam, District Councillor & County Councillor

email-pic.png   phone-pic.png  01223 862364       

Judith Rippeth, District Councillor

email-pic.png   phone-pic.png  07956 528223  fb-pic.png   /judith.rippeth.3

Hazel Smith, District Councillor

email-pic.png   phone-pic.png  07763 560857     

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Cambridge Area Bus Users group

Anna is chair of this group representing bus passengers in and around Cambridge, which is now listed as a consultee by the Combined Authority’s Bus Task Force, the Greater Cambridge Partnership, Cambridge City Council and South Cambs District Council.

CABU has had really useful meetings with Stagecoach and Ascendal/Whippet, who have pledged to work to improve services for bus passengers throughout the county. It also attended a presentation by Cambridge Connect, who propose a light-rail transit system instead of the Cambridge Autonomous Metro.  

Please do join CABU and sign up to its newsletter, so that you can bring your specific concerns to the group's attention. Find CABU on Facebook 

Anna has asked Stagecoach for more services to and from Landbeach, Horningsea and Fen Ditton, and for more Citi 2 buses to loop north through Milton. Stagecoach has said it is prepared to trial new services if we request them, but they would be used or lost within a matter of months. The new CEO, Michelle Hargreaves, is keen to make the service passenger-centred and wherever possible more affordable, which is very welcome.

Bannold Road, Waterbeach

Anna and Judith have been seeking urgent and substantial repairs to Bannold Road following all the development that has taken place there. The local Highway Officer has responded to say that they are waiting for the costing of a single contractor to undertake all the repairs at once. They added that, as it is an unclassified road, Bannold Road has lower priority and additional funding would need to be obtained for resurfacing.

Anna has pushed for more information on when we can expect the repairs to start, and for the Highways Officer to put Bannold Road forward for the extra funding. She pointed out that traffic has increased on the road since 300 new houses were built along its north side, and its surface has also suffered from regular agricultural traffic.

The Highways Officer has undertaken to keep putting Bannold Road forward for the extra funding, though they cannot guarantee that this will be successful. 

Waterbeach New Town traffic baseline data

Following concerns in Waterbeach, Horningsea and Fen Ditton about increased traffic through the villages due to Waterbeach New Town's next stage of construction, Anna asked David Allatt, County Transport Assessment Manager, for assurance that up-to-date baseline traffic data will be collected before work begins, to serve as an effective comparison point.

The parishes are particularly concerned about an increase in lorries and general traffic along Denny End Road, High Street, the B1047, High Ditch Road and Ditton Lane. 

Mr Allatt has provided this assurance, explaining that the developer will be obliged to fund permanent, real-time traffic monitoring equipment at its access locations and various places off-site at the outset. There will therefore be contemporary baseline data, and monitoring will continue throughout the duration of the development. 

This monitoring will identify any excessive increase in traffic as well as new rat-running routes, which can then be dealt with accordingly.

Antisocial behaviour on Waterbeach Green

The police are looking into instances of antisocial behaviour by a small group on Waterbeach Green. The issue is being taken seriously and South Cambs is also acting to help resolve it.

Chesterton access – Northern Fringe plans

We hear that the responses to the consultation on the Area Action Plan for the development around Cambridge North station were so strongly asking for road access to Fen Road, Chesterton that we have won a small concession – instead of showing a ‘foot/cycle bridge’ across the railway from the new development, the plans may show a ‘bridge’.

There is no funding mechanism to provide road access, though Network Rail must realise that in order to run more trains on that line they will have to provide mitigation so the only way in and out is not blocked off for so much of the day. We are asking for a feasibility study. The latest meeting of the local consultation forum was on 23rd July, and there is a meeting for district and county councillors coming up.

Services for the elderly 

Our local Mobile Warden Schemes are proving to be very successful. The Milton scheme is run by the parish council with Hazel as chair of the organising committee, and is at full capacity, helping 20 residents of the village at any one time - take a look at its Facebook page 

The Waterbeach & Landbeach scheme, which was set up last year by Age UK, has been similarly popular, and its excellent warden now sees 17 people across the villages of Landbeach, Waterbeach and Chittering. There is currently very limited availability, but it is still important that people who could benefit put themselves forward, because a waiting list could justify the expansion of the programme in our area.  

Age UK currently charges £7 a week for both single people and couples. There is financial support available for those who cannot afford the charge. Potential clients are also entitled to a free two-week trial.

The Home Energy Check service is available free of charge to anyone over 65. Summer is a good time to book this in so that there is enough time to carry out any work, such as cavity-wall or loft insulation, before the cold weather sets in. Home Support is available for some pensioners through Age UK to help pay for any work required. 

Contact details:  or freephone: 0300 666 9860

If you do not meet the means-tested criteria for Home Support to help finance any necessary work for energy-saving measures, South Cambs also has funds available through the Disabled Facilities Grant Scheme, which now has more flexible criteria.



Liberal Democrats run local campaigns across the District. We all support each other to do this, pooling our knowledge and efforts. You can view our campaigns on the campaigns page of this website.

Campaigns which are particularly relevant to us here in Milton & Waterbeach are highlighted below.