Northstowe Construction Impact


There has been a number of complaints regarding construction vehicles using local roads.  There are potentially two reasons for this; HCVs travelling to and from the Northstowe and the A14 improvement works.  We met last week with fellow councillor for Willingham and Over, Dawn Percival, to discuss this issue and our response.  The Northstowe Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) illustrates the approved construction routes and is clear that no construction traffic is permitted through the villages.

South Cambridgeshire District Council has requested that the Cambridgeshire Northstowe Transport Working Group (NTWG) be reinstated.  This group, run by Cambridgeshire County Council, is a joint initiative between Cambridgeshire County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Parish Councils.  This group will be responsible for monitoring the traffic connected with Northstowe.  The group will consider what preventative measures can be put in place to avoid further worsening of heavy goods vehicles using local roads.  Officers of the group will also be responsible for any surveillance where there is suspected breach of the CEMP.  The Group will therefore be a mechanism for identifying any breach of the planning conditions (including the routing of HCVs), thus enabling the SCDC Enforcement team to take necessary steps.

Highways have advised that A14 construction vehicles have established routes for deliveries, of which the B1050 is not one of them.  There are many A14 main suppliers who also deliver to numerous other locations within the area and therefore it may be unconnected to the A14 improvement scheme. Highways have advised therefore that evidence in the form of registration numbers of offending vehicles could assist with any investigation.

There have also been reports of increased HCV traffic through Oakington which we believe is connected to the development on the edge of Cottenham.  Unfortunately, this route was approved as part of the planning conditions for the development.  We understand that the Oakington Traffic Action group are monitoring the situation with HVC traffic through the village.    



We have also received a number of reports regarding breech of planning conditions, with work beginning before 08.00 on both the Northstowe site and the site on Woodside in Longstanton.  

Since raising this issue with Philip Harker, Homes England and the contractor Sisk we have not been aware of any further issues on the Phase 2 site.  There have been further reports of early starts on Phase 1 which we have also raised with the contractor and will monitor with the help of the Northstowe Community Officer.     

Beechdales, the developer for the Woodside site, have also reminded contractors of the planning obligations that no work should begin on site before 08.00.  

We will continue to monitor this issue and would be grateful if the Parish Council could make us aware of any reports made to them.  

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