Northstowe Community Forum Notes - July 2018

Northstowe Parish Forum Update

Northstowe Education Campus      

First a presentation on the Northstowe Education Campus which will be on Phase 2 and built by Kier. The details of the school are within the presentation pack which I’m hoping that Jon will be uploading onto the Northstowe Community site shortly but briefly includes a 12 form entry, 1800 pupil school, a 400 place secondary school, a 110 SEN school as well as a 3 form entry Primary School with nursery provision. The sports facilities will include 4 sports hall (that will extend to 8 as the school grows), 2 activity studes, art facilities, gym and a café.

The planning documents have already been submitted and can be found here

Enabling works should begin late Sep, with construction in Dec 18. Partial opening will be in Sep 19 for 180 pupils. The SEN school will not be complete until the July 2020, which is the date for full occupation. The Partial will include all the main dining, all halls, most sports, all lab space, ICT and Kitchens (though some may be temporarily function as teaching space as required).

Questions raised at the forum were largely on the traffic and lack of parking. People felt that a plan for most people to walk or cycle to the school were over optimistic, SCDC have also raised this as a planning issue and the architects are going to review this.

Disappointment was raised on lack of solar panels and rainwater harvesting. Architects & School principal stressed that in the limited budget, the school has facilities that are considered to be very high spec and items that were hard to retrofit (unlike solar panels) were prioritized over those that can be added later when other sources of funding could be found.

A shortlist of names was given by Andy Daly, the Executive Principal for CMAT who are the trust for the school. These are:

Campus Names:

Northstowe Learning Campus

Northstowe Learning Community

Northstowe Education Community

Northstowe Community Campus

Secondary School

Northstowe Secondary School

The Varsity Secondary School

Northstowe Community College

Navigator Secondary School

Northstowe College

House names across Arts, Science, Technology & Sport are invited

Northstowe Phase 3

If you’ve attended any of the open consultation events for Phase 3 so far, the content was largely the same, with some additional comments from feedback they’ve received so far. All the details can be seen on (scroll down to Northstowe Consultation section).

If not, the next drop is on Monday 30th July 4pm – 8pm at the Crossways CommuniTea Café in Oakington

Northstowe Phase 1

Next steps is after the public consultation for the draft masterplan in Winter 2018, validating the final design in Spring 2019 and submit for planning Summer 2019.

Questions were raised on the Swavesey drains and the final raising of the bank at Mare Fen – Homes England are in talks to bring forward this work with the South Cambs District Council and the Combined Authority (under the Mayor)

Kingfisher pond – vegetation was cut, current weather conditions means no run off is present and groundwater levels are low, to revisit in Autumn. Concerns raised by residents included: Undergrowth not cleared, inside is cut

Water in pond is 60% dry and is not rising & is falling

Fencing delimits end of the gardens, come to 10m of the pond, future danger to children

Vegetation cut back from Barratts to divert can't divert to KP because of sun

Kingfisher spotted on the site, could be nesting on the pond, still fish in there

Herons will be picking them off

Local centre square – the design was shown, a public square with a water fountain, central seating area, community noticeboard, and some public art. If there are community art ideas please contact [email protected] There will be some parking bays, a couple of electric car charging points in front of the shops and community centre.

Commercial space has not yet been put to market but ideas are possible for a small café, small supermarket. Concerns raised that a) the idea was to put shops and amenities right at the end of the development – this was denied and b) that due care is taken not to take away business from existing 2 shops in Longstanton.

Complaints on the busway pathway and the need for a temporary footpath. County Council officer Tam Parry was there to say they are working on this – we are looking at trying to see if GCP funding could potentially be made available for this.

Formal park and 3 of the 4 play areas have had their plans submitted. The priority is the formal park, with construction of the MUGA which requires some engineering, estimated construction in Oct/Nov with completion in Spring 2019.

Concerns raised on drains being full of grass – Stuart Field of Gallaghers promised to take this up.

Attenuation ponds along the B1050 – landscaping – vegetation has been cleared, discussion between council and Gallaghers to get grass seeding and wild seeding in Sep, discuss trees and overall landscape plans.

Brook is maintained by South Cambs District Council, and in discussions to possible take on management of both ponds and the green space. Suggested better signage for permitted paths and fenced area off for wildlife.

Concerns were also raised on using water from the attenuation pond on the roads to stop dust rising and questioned why this water was being used?

Concerns were raised on the A14 timeline for the traffic. Both Sarah & Jon are working on getting the A14 Highways team to come give a presentation at the Community Wing.

Security concerns for Northstowe were raised, each developer is responsible for the security of their own development plots, Gallaghers will look at fencing off areas.

Question on litter bins in Northstowe answered to say there are both dog and little bins planned for community areas, e.g. formal edges of park.



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