Open letter to City Deal assembly


Please read this open letter sent today to the GCCD assembly.

Bridget Smith, Leader South Cambridgeshire Lib Dem Group


Dear Assembly Colleagues,

I am disappointed in the response I have had from officers regarding our  concerns about the principles underlying the consultations for the GCCD  proposals.  

I did ask that this be included in the next agenda but other than being told it will be considered and reading in the Cambridge’s News that Mr Hughes has said that we may be generating our own, I am not aware of any further movement on the matter.

There was an interesting article in Decembers LGiU publication Cllr which clearly expresses was I have been trying to say.  It is titled ‘We should be talking - and listening’ by Carol Grant.  If I may quote:

'Most of the time we do not know what people think because we never bother to ask them…..’ What we call consultation is actually a process of going out and telling people why we have come to a certain decision…..One of the key points …was …’you don’t know what you don’t know till you get out there’.   …One chief executive said ‘I used to think that all that talking was just putting off the work. Then I realised it was the work’….sometimes we forget to ask the people that matter what matters to them.

These are the themes which our adopted principles need to be checked against. Are we asking the right questions of the right people? Are we listening or are we telling? Are we devoting enough time and enough importance to the consultation? Are we constantly looking for ways of accommodating what is important to people or are we dismissing what is important to them in our haste to achieve our own goals. Are we receptive to new ideas (what we ‘don’t know’) generated by consultation?

Bridget Smith

Leader South Cambs Lib Dem Group

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