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In August we had a very productive meeting with all the Northstowe developers about the longstanding problem of construction vehicles driving through Willingham village in breach of planning conditions.  

We impressed on them the strength of feeling of Willingham residents and the likely course of action South Cambs District Council would take – including prosecution of company directors - if the developers didn’t prevent their contractors and suppliers from driving through Willingham.

The developers didn’t dispute that breaches were taking place and agreed to do the following:

  1. Write to their contractors reminding them of their obligation to abide by the transport plan (i.e. not go through Willingham to get to/leave Northstowe) and insisting that this is made clear to any sub-contractors.
  2. Provide senior level contacts to whom breaches of condition should be reported.
  3. Research options for CCTV at the entrance to Northstowe (both inward and outwards facing) and to consult with specialist suppliers of this technology. There was agreement that CCTV was a key tool in the resolution of this matter and that SCDC should be the recipient of the footage.
  4. Implement either a log system or CCTV to monitor the individual sites within Northstowe for incoming and outgoing traffic. This would be used in conjunction with the CCTV at the entrance and would be freely available to SCDC enforcement officers.
  5. To install signage at a minimum of six points identified by Dawn Percival and Willingham Parish Council. These signs will clearly state that Northstowe construction traffic is prohibited from driving through Willingham. 

We have all agreed to meet again on Friday 4th October (to give sufficient time for the developers to comply with the agreed action).

After the meeting, we had a useful conversation with the head of Homes England’s project for Phase 2. Although building for this phase hasn’t yet started, it was reassuring that he was there to hear our concerns and he sought to reassure Willingham residents that his organisation wishes to have a good relationship with local residents. He said that he would accelerate plans to implement CCTV and other monitoring for his sites.

We felt that this was a very constructive meeting and we are hopeful that an agreement can now be reached. Once implemented, we will look to County Council Highways to provide help and advice on the other traffic issues, such as speeding.



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