Parish Council Report May 2018

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as the new District Councillors for Longstanton, Northstowe and Oakington & Westwick.

We firstly want to formally thank Alex Riley/Simon Edwards/Lynda Harford/Tim Wotherspoon for their long service to the community. They have committed a lot of hard work and energy to the residents of the Parish and it is appropriate that they should be recognised for their contribution. We are fortunate that Alex Riley has kindly offered to give us assistance should we need it and to tap his extensive knowledge of Longstanton.

We would like to express our congratulations to the elected Parish Councillors both existing and new. We wish you every success and look forward to working with you.

We feel very privileged to have been elected and we are looking forward to serving Longstanton and Northstowe and its residents for the next four years. Our mission is to serve the residents to the very best of our ability. 

We will shortly meet with the Parish Chair John Street and Parish Clerk Libby White to get a greater understanding of the priorities of the Parish.

Our first meeting as District Councillors was a meeting set up by the outgoing District Councillors regarding the Airfield/Longstanton Road with Sisk and Homes England. A report of that meeting follows this note.

Our District Council AGM will be on the 23rd May and the formal formation of the Cabinet, Portfolio Holders, Committee members and their Chairs will be decided then and we will report the results in our next report.

Please do not hesitate to contact us from now on any matter that you need help with or you want us to be aware of. As new Councillors we will not have all the answers right away, but we will do our best to find out as quickly as we can.

We will of course be submitting a monthly report to the Clerk for inclusion in your papers and one of us will attend each meeting to answer questions on the report and address any matters that have arisen since it was submitted. As you're probably aware Longstanton/Oakington Parish Council is on the same night, so we will endeavour to alternate meetings between ourselves.

As many people have told us, we do not have an easy task ahead of us.

However, we are ready to get to work.

Thank you.

Contact details:

Sarah Cheung Johnson: [email protected]

Alex Malyon: cllr.[email protected]

Airfield Road Update

Following a meeting with Homes England, Sisk - Contractors for the Southern Access Road (SAR), County Cllr Peter Hudson, Chairs of Oakington and Longstanton Parish Council, CCC Streetworks and Sarah Cheung Johnson District Cllr the following has been confirmed:

The Airfield/Longstanton Road will be closed for 19 months under a temporary road closure notice, during this time they will apply for a permanent road closure. Regrettably whilst a County Council (but not Homes England) rep said at a Northstowe Forum a year ago that they had aspirations to keep the Airfield road open for traffic until the local road works had been completed on the A14 this was not possible due to timelines.

Sisk, who are contracted to work on the Barracks site, the attenuation ponds as well as the SAR, have a huge amount of earthworks they need to complete which needs to be done in the good weather. They are already running slightly behind due to other project issues. As a reminder due to planning restrictions, the SAR must be up and functional before any Phase 2 housing can be occupied and therefore to keep Northstowe development timelines on track this work needs to be completed this summer. We requested that Sisk provide more detailed timelines to explain this at the public Northstowe Forum on the 16th May, which they have agreed to do so.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the work with both a haulage road and work on the Southern Access Road this road cannot be part closed and part open to accommodate commuting times.

The road will be kept open for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders and the Northstowe team hope to have this open about 90% of the time. We asked on behalf of residents who need to plan their commutes that any closures would be advised at least a week in advance and communicated via both Parish Councils as well as the Northstowe website - we will also keep residents updated via our Facebook page which is here:

The hope is that this route between our two villages will now turn into a pleasant cycle/walk/ride for residents.

The haulage road itself will meet the B1050 around the Hazlewell Cottage site - avoiding the village all together. We have requested if there needs to be traffic controls at this point that they are not put in place earlier than 9am so that we avoid any issues like we've seen this month of traffic lights manned badly on the B1050.

Advance warning signs will now be placed at the roundabout by Northstowe Phase 1, by the Church before going onto Woodside and at the Oakington crossways traffic lights.

The road itself will have concrete blocks to stop motorised vehicles, by the stables at the Oakington end and by the entrance to the base at the Longstanton end.

Both emergency services and bus companies have been notified of this closure and have not raised any objections.

We gave feedback to Homes England/Sisk that the communications on this hadn't been managed in the best way which they took on board to investigate and together we aim to make this better for all residents going forwards 

We fully understand that many residents are frustrated at this closure - both Alex and I have used the road and know how important it is for villagers to have this option when the A14 suffers delays/road closures.

However the work that Sisk and Homes England need to do to move forwards with Northstowe mean this cannot be delayed and all attending the meeting were in agreement on this issue.

To hear more about this directly from Sisk/Homes England, the Northstowe Forum is open to the public at the Northstowe Community Wing - part of the Pathfinder School - and starts with an open session before the formal meeting starting at 7pm. The agenda is attached - we hope to see you there.

For full details of the road closure plus design of the permanent Pegasus crossings for cyclists, pedestrians and cyclists please click here:


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