Register To Vote


Are you registered to Vote?

If you are not registered to vote you can't have your say on the issues that shape the country, and your local community. It's important to make sure you're registered to vote and make your voice heard!

No Vote - No Voice

Registering to vote can be done online and takes just five minutes. 

Being registered to vote means that you'll be able to make your voice heard when elections take place across the UK, and local council elections are held in South Cambridgeshire.

To register, click on the link below. You'll need your National Insurance Number (if you have one).

To find out more about voting, see the 'Your Vote Matters' website.


It's easier with a postal vote


Voting is so much easier when you haven't got to trudge through the rain to a polling station. Why not register for a postal vote and vote in the comfort of your own home!

You can vote early, meaning you don't have to be around on the day. And, if you forget to post your vote, you can still hand it in at the polling station.

To register for a postal vote just download a Postal Vote Form from your electoral office. For those living in South Cambridgeshire this is South Cambridgeshire District Council (link to form below).

Download a Postal Vote Form

Fill in the details and pop it in the post to the address indicated on the form.

To find out more about postal voting, visit the Government's 'Ways of voting' website.


EU Citizens - make your voice heard!


If you are a citizen from another EU country living in the UK your voice was not heard in the referendum, nor was it heard in the recent general election. 

However, we have local council elections this year and YOU CAN VOTE in these. Why not take this opportunity to be heard.

We can be sure the media will pay close attention to these elections. How people vote will determine the story told about the mood of the country - they may be local elections, but their impact will be national, if not international.


Still not convinced?

Consider these other excellent reasons to register to vote.

  • You may not care about politics, or politicians, but these are your schools, your bus services, your parks. This is your NHS, your community, your country.
  • If you don't register to vote, you make life easier for politicians - no one wants that (ok, we might want that).
  • In many elections more people don't vote than vote for the winning candidate - no one really knows who would win if they did.
  • You can feel more aggrieved if your hated candidate wins, if you at least tried to stop them.
  • The right to vote was hard won (and not just with a strong letter to the Papers). In many countries they are still fighting for that right.
  • Do you really want your representatives chosen by other people... I mean, really?
  • And besides all this - registering to vote could help improve your credit rating!

And... why not get involved?

If you're registered to vote and want to do more, why not consider getting involved - together we can make a real difference.