South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats' Statement on Mr Stoakley

South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats' Statement on Mr Stoakley

By , Apr 26, 2018 6:04

In response to the recent revelations about Mr Stoakley, then Conservative candidate for Fen Ditton and Fulbourn, the South Cambridgeshire liberal Democrats make the following statement.


The comments made on twitter by Mr Stoakley are abhorrent and inexcusable. Communications of this nature fall far below the standards that we should expect from people aspiring for a role in public life.

Mr Stoakley should issue a public apology immediately and consider whether he can continue to actively campaign in the upcoming election.

Following the suspension of the membership of Mr Stoakley by the Conservative Party, we call on the South East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association to announce publicly that it is no longer supporting his candidature at the district council elections.

The Conservative Association should also investigate how someone capable of making such comments could have been allowed to stand as a candidate for them.

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