Welcome to the Shelford ward page. The Shelford team cover the parishes of Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Stapleford.

Local contacts

Peter Fane

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Nick Sample

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Mary Regnier-Wilson

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Transport matters that will affect the Shelfords and Stapleford

As many residents will be aware, there are two major transport projects that will affect our ward in the future.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership last year announced its preferred route for a new Mass Rapid Transport system. The route for Strategy 1 would see a busway cut into the Green Belt beneath the Magog Downs, which would link to the proposed new Cambridge South Station at Addenbrookes.

With support from the parish councils, Peter is pressing for the former Haverhill railway line to be used instead, for buses or, as we would prefer, for light rail - which would have less landscape impact, be more environmentally sustainable and have greater carrying capacity. The GCP says this is likely to be more costly, and there would be problems fitting in an extra line in places, including around Shelford station.

Greenway for cyclists and walkers

In addition to the proposed busway, the GCP is planning to provide a new 'greenway' route for cyclists and walkers, which would extend from the helical path at Chaston Road, along the railway line and around Dernford Reservoir to Sawston. This, together with the recent improvements to the existing Sawston cycle path, should make cycling through these villages safer and more pleasant, particularly for those going to Sawston Village College. Peter has been supporting the off-road option over improving the existing on-road route along Mingle Lane.


Liberal Democrats run local campaigns across the District. We all support each other to do this, pooling our knowledge and efforts. You can view our campaigns on the campaigns page of this website.

Campaigns which are particularly relevant to us here in Shelford are highlighted below.