Stalling on planning ‘undemocratic’

South Cambs District Council is yet to make a decision on two large planning applications in Linton.


The proposed developments at Bartlow and Hoseheath Roads were supposed to be with the Planning Committee in December but the Council has stalled again missing the deadline for a decision.

Missed the deadline 

The consequences of this are severe. The developer can now take their plans direct to the planning inspector taking the decision out of our hands.

Councillor Henry Bachelor of the Liberal Democrats has been campaigning at the council and encouraging residents of Linton to submit their concerns.

Henry has warned:

“They are well past their decision date so the applicants have the right to take these to a Planning Inspector, therefore totally removing the decision South Cambs hands and making the decision undemocratic”


“I am against the development in Linton which is unsustainable and it will put an unwanted strain on the villages currently stretched resources” 

“These developments fit into that category”.

All support and comments on this are greatly appreciated so please get in touch to let us know your thoughts. 

The Liberal Democrats have made housing a key policy for 2016. Both nationally and in the upcoming South Cambs manifesto, providing sustainable and affordable housing will be a top priority.

Building communities not just homes

These plans have not convinced us that they are are in any way sustainable. Traffic and transport in and around Linton is already a massive issue for residents.

We do need to build more homes but we need to ensure they fit in to our communities and can make a sustainable contribution to them. 

100 new homes outside the village boundary, on a limb, will surely create a division as opposed to improving village life. 

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