Statement from Susan van de Ven on the London Attacks

Susan van de Ven, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for South Cambridgeshire, today made the following statement on last night’s attack in London.

"Another terrible attack in London. My heart goes out to all those affected - whose lives have been lost or forever changed.

"Each day seems to bring a new fracture to our world. These shocking acts are a brutal reminder that what once may have been a newspaper story about some other country is now becoming something all too real on our doorstep.

"My father was killed in a terrorist attack at the American University of Beirut, and it was in direct response to this that I decided to get involved in politics. My family’s first act of defiance was to carry on with his funeral in spite of a bomb threat to the chapel where it was to be held. 

"This very day, my 82-year-old mother is in Beirut – having made the journey as she has every year since she was widowed in 1984, to keep in contact and to promote education and dialogue in a part of the world blighted by conflict on an unimaginable scale.

"The general election in four days’ time is one of our most important opportunities to consider how to address the most pressing problems we face as a society. That means continuing the conversation with the electorate in every way, and also, defying the perpetrators of barbaric acts who seek to intimidate us.

"In the past two days, I have attended three hustings that were cancelled after the Manchester bombing. I was saddened that the national conversation seemed to have moved on. All of the issues we discussed were important ones; some questions were deeply profound and had no obvious answers. The difficult questions arising out of Manchester did not figure. A hustings rescheduled for tonight might not go ahead in the planning format, but I plan to make my way to the venue, Cottenham All Saints Parish Church, to talk with anyone who wishes to.

"Today demands further reflection and continuing conversation in the quest to listen to one another and to find answers together for a world we all share."

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