Susan visits Moorland Extra Care home to find out about the impacts of social care proposals and funding.

I visited Moorlands Extra Care home today - the same day as Theresa May's hasty U-turn.


Under the Tories' botched social care plan, residents living at Moorlands would be at risk. As tenants their 'own home' at Moorlands would be counted as an asset. This just highlights the extensive reach of a hugely insensitive and poorly considered policy.

Extra Care homes provide a fantastic service helping elderly people to live independently but in a safe and supported environment. 

I learned about the intricacies of means-tested social care support, which is becoming increasingly stringent as Cambridgeshire County Councils' social care budget is stretched ever tighter. Therefore the extras, like assistance with a weekly shower, can become subject to an extra cost which the resident might not be able to prioritise.

As a housing association, Cambridge Housing Society has valuable input for local and national government politicians who are looking for better ways of running social care.  The overall impression I came away with was the dysfunction of making social care a means tested service, when it is required for medical reasons. 

Health and social care have got to be integrated, with fair and equitable funding, and no one should lose out on account of personal circumstance."

Theresa May's u-turn suggests a Conservative government 'may' consider a cap on social care costs - subject to review. 

This simply isn't good enough. We have already had a review!

The Dilnot commission was set up in 2010 and produced the Dilnot report. The report made made clear recommendations - cap social care costs.

Rather than let more people suffer crippling care costs whilst the problem is kicked once again in to the long grass, the Liberal Democrats would get on with implementing the cap on costs.

This is just part of our ambitious, credible, long term plan to rescue and integrate our Health and Social Care services. We cannot afford for this crisis to continue any longer.

We need a credible rescue plan, we need it now, and only the Liberal Democrats are providing it.

You can read more on our plan here. 

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