Pointless vanity project wastes more money as Tories in South Cambs back plans for beacon

Plans have emerged at South Cambridgeshire District Council for a ceremonial beacon to be installed.


A notice of motion was put forward by Conservative Kevin Cuffley, asking councillors to 'endorse the provision of a beacon to celebrate national events'.


There is already a similar beacon in Orwell, which was donated by Marshalls in the 1990s.

It poses the question as to why Conservative members have expressed a desire for another to be built, at the expense of the council.

Speaking to Cambridge News Cllr. Bridget Smith, leader of the Liberal Democrats at the District Council said:

"Due to this financial blip we are facing, our funding grants awarded this morning [Monday] will have to be re-awarded in a year's time"

Throwing money away

"There's no point throwing money away on a pointless vanity project in light of the funding pressure we are facing.

This decision will bring shame on us. We already have a beacon on Orwell that works fine."

Along with budget cuts to vital services such as social care on the County Council and funding strains on the District Council it is a quite extraordinary time for such a project.

Foolish and unnecessary

Lib Dem councillor Anna Bradnam said of the project:

“It’s a foolish and unnecessary expenditure of money at a time when we are short of money as a district council. We have higher priorities”

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