City Deal

Local Liberal Democrats are taking part by scrutinising the Greater Cambridge City Deal. The City Deal is an agreement from central government worth over £500million to improve transport in the Greater Cambridge area. The City Deal's board need to be scrutinised properly by local campaigners and politicians in order to make sure the residents of South Cambridgeshire get the best transport infrastructure possible.


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Nine Wells Reserve

In 2015/16 plans were afoot to extent the Cambridge bio-medical campus at Addenbrookes dangerously close to a protected Nature Reserve. The Nine Wells reserve held specific scientific interest as a habitat for rare species but also an historical one, being the source of Hobson's conduit. A petition signed by hundreds online as well in nearby Great Shelford showed that local people were against this development.


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A10 Corridor Cycling

Local Lib Dem councillors in Melbourn, Meldreth, Shepreth, Foxton, Harston and Hauxton have been campaigning for safer cycling in South Cambridgeshire for many years. Spearheaded by Melbourn County Councillor Susan Van de Ven the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign has secured funding for over 5 miles of safe cycleway along the A10 providing a vital link for a healthy commute or journey to school. The eventual goal is to connect Cambridge and Royston with a safe, clean and usable cycle path and much of the route has already been completed over the past 12 months.

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