Ian Sollom: An out of touch Conservative Budget out of ideas

6 Mar 2024
Ian Sollom, Ed Davey and others in front of Bohemia

Commenting on the Spring Budget Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for the new constituency of St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire, Ian Sollom, said:

“The Budget shows once again a Conservative Chancellor and Government that has little understanding of the everyday struggles of the people and businesses of St Neots & Mid Cambridgeshire.

“Just like his autumn statement, Jeremy Hunt has done nothing to tackle the chronic shortage of GP and dentist appointments we’re living with, and has tried the same trick of giving with one hand while taking much more with another on National Insurance Contributions. He fooled no-one last year and is fooling no-one now.

“Last Saturday, Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey and I spent time in St Neots listening to the real concerns of businesses continuing to struggle everyday with high energy bills and unfair business rates, and customers dealing with a cost-of-living crisis that drags on. Sadly, this Budget shows a Chancellor that can afford to spend £100,000 on his own re-election campaign simply isn’t listening to those concerns.”