Lib Dems Select Greater Cambridge Partnership Board Member

Cllr Aidan Van de Weyer, who will be South Cambridgeshire’s new Lib Dem representative on the Greater Cambridge Partnership Board, is demanding a rethink on plans for an off-road busway to Cambourne through Coton.


Following last week’s victory in South Cambridgeshire, the new Liberal Democrat Leader of the Council, Cllr Bridget Smith, has announced that the new representative on the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Executive Board will be Cllr Aidan Van de Weyer.

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Thank You (Lib Dems take control of South Cambs Council)

Yesterday the South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats won control of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

This is a huge victory for us, for you and for liberal politics. It was achieved through the hard work of all our amazing councillors, candidates, activists and supporters.

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End Conservative planning chaos in South Cambs

The ongoing saga of the South Cambs Local Plan is limping to its conclusion.

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Lib Dem Bridget Smith Talks about Our Vision for South Cambs

Yesterday Bridget Smith, the Liberal Democrat Group Leader on South Cambs District Council, took part in a debate about the local elections and the future of South Cambs Council.


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South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats' Statement on Mr Stoakley

In response to the recent revelations about Mr Stoakley, then Conservative candidate for Fen Ditton and Fulbourn, the South Cambridgeshire liberal Democrats make the following statement.


The comments made on twitter by Mr Stoakley are abhorrent and inexcusable. Communications of this nature fall far below the standards that we should expect from people aspiring for a role in public life.

Mr Stoakley should issue a public apology immediately and consider whether he can continue to actively campaign in the upcoming election.

Following the suspension of the membership of Mr Stoakley by the Conservative Party, we call on the South East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association to announce publicly that it is no longer supporting his candidature at the district council elections.

The Conservative Association should also investigate how someone capable of making such comments could have been allowed to stand as a candidate for them.

A14: where have all our trees gone?

Liberal Democrat County Councillor David Jenkins has written about his action following the devestation to trees along the A14 near Histon & Impington and Orchard Park.

You can read the full post on his website here

To find out more about what the Liberal Democrats are doing in Histon & Impington and Orchard Park and about see our local candidates, visit our websites:

Could you be a canvasser?


“I don’t mind delivering leaflets, but I wouldn’t want to do canvassing.”


My thoughts exactly, a few months ago. I joined the LibDems in the aftermath of the EU referendum, determined to do something to demonstrate my frustration at the direction the Tory Government was leading us. Delivering leaflets was a positive activity and in the excitement of the 2017 General Election, I felt I was doing my bit. But over time, it has become clear that the task to influence public opinion and make the Government take notice of the 48% is huge. The leaflets were great, but I couldn’t help wondering how many of them went straight in the recycling bin. What could I do that would make more impact with my time.


I began to wonder again about canvassing. Research shows that people are 20% more likely to vote if they have been visited by a canvasser: even just a smile and a friendly greeting is enough to make a difference. But I was worried about what it would be like. Would I be on the receiving end of angry householders determined to give me chapter and verse of their views, or would there be endless doors slammed in my face? Eventually, I summoned up some courage and went along to an action day to find out.


I was surprised to find how pleasant the experience was. When I arrived, I was paired up with an experienced canvasser and we went to each house together. We only called at houses where previous canvassing had shown that the owners were open to voting Lib Dem, which meant that we had a friendly reception at nearly every house - a surprising number of people were happy to stand on the doorstep and tell us their concerns about the local area and Brexit. It was fascinating to find out what people thought and how they saw the local scene and the national picture. When we found someone who was willing to join the mailing list, have a stakeboard in their garden or even become a volunteer, it was a cause for celebration! At the end of the morning, we all gathered at a pub for lunch and to share our stories. After that, I was keen to have a list of my own to do.


The practicalities are easy as well - the Lib Dems use a canvassing app which was developed for Barack Obama's campaign which means you can see details of who lives in the houses you visit, and record their responses with a swipe or a tap.  And it was explained to me that I don't have to persuade people to vote for us - canvassing is about listening to people's concerns and finding out what they think, not trying to convince them of anything.


So if you want to make a difference, give the Government something to worry about and help the Lib Dems make their mark again, why not go along to your next local action day and have a go at knocking on doors? It’s the most effective way to gain the votes that will elect more Lib Dem councillors – the more volunteers we have, the more houses we can visit! And you may even find that you enjoy it!


Claire, Melbourn


Vital Question on Childrens Centres To Be Put to County Council

Liberal Democrat Councillor Susan van de Ven submits vital Childrens' Centres questions for tomorrow's budget meeting.

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Lib Dem Councillors Seek Cambridgeshire Brexit Impact Study

EU Impact Study Proposal

At the January South Cambs council meeting, Liberal Democrat councillors argued for a study of the impact of Brexit on Cambridgeshire, building on the recent work done in London and Scotland.

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Longstanton January News Update

This is our Longstanton January update on local issues involving the District and County Councils.

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Urgent! Submit your objection

If you want to make an official objection to the proposal for a new business park at Hinxton, then you only have until the 26th January to do so!


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Longstanton December News Update

Happy Christmas!

The South Cambs Lib Dem team would like to wish you a very enjoyable Christmas and a happy New Year.

Thank you for following our efforts to make South Cambs a better place to live.

If you have any issues that you would like us to work on in 2018, please do get in touch.


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