Labour officially gives up on winning St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire

23 Dec 2023
Ian Sollom, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for St Neots and Mid Camb, standing in front of campaigners. Ian is in the foreground while the campaigners are behind him, slightly out of focus so that Ian is highlighted.

In a recent communication to its members, the Labour party has announced it will not seriously contest the new constituency of St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire at the next election.

The Labour party even called the constituency a “non battleground seat”, as they began to select their election candidates.

In the most recent set of local elections across St Neots and Mid Cambs in 2022, the Lib Dems had the highest vote share of any party – nearly 4 times that of Labour – while Labour have no County or District Councillors, compared to 19 Lib Dems and 11 Conservatives. This latest news from Labour means the new constituency will be a fight between the Liberal Democrats and Conservative party.

And momentum is building: in the most recent local by-election in the constituency earlier in 2023, the Lib Dem Geoff Seeff took a stunning victory in the St Neots Eatons division of the County Council, with Labour trailing in 4th.

Ian Sollom, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire, said:

“This constituency will be a two horse race between the Liberal Democrats and a desperately out of touch Conservative party.

“With our local health services at breaking point, the daily struggles of the cost of living and hardly any local crimes being solved, people have told me it's time for change.

“Even Labour have now admitted they cannot win here. The Liberal Democrats are on a winning streak locally, as people send this government a message.

“The Conservative party is too busy fighting amongst themselves to govern this country. They are taking people here for granted and failing to deliver for our communities.

“Enough is enough. It is time we had a local champion who can deliver the change we so desperately need in St Neots and Mid Cambs”

Note: Full list of Labour “non battleground constituencies” can be found here