Tory Budget “desperate deception” that fails our NHS

6 Mar 2024
Pippa Heylings, parliamentary candidate for South Cambs, with NHS staff outside hospital

Budget a ‘desperate deception’ as families in Cambridgeshire face soaring bills

Cambridgeshire’s Liberal Democrats have labelled the Chancellor’s budget announcement today a “desperate deception”, with income tax bills still set to rise for local people. 

Cambridgeshire’s Liberal Democrats have said that local residents will see through this ‘desperate deception’ by the Chancellor and that people have had enough of ‘empty promises’ from this Conservative government whilst “local health services are left on their knees”. 

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for South Cambridgeshire, Pippa Heylings accused the Conservatives of ‘desperate deception’: 

"Today, given that they still haven’t called a general election, we needed to see the Government get a grip – get a grip on the issues ahead of them. Get a grip on the real issues affecting the people of this country and South Cambridgeshire.

We saw no indication that money would be invested in vital South Cambs GP or dental services. Instead, we saw them focus on reducing taxes for the most wealthy.

The so-called rise in NHS spending announced today is barely a reversal of last year’s planned cuts. It is an empty promise that will not save stretched local health services or fix crumbling hospitals. In reality under the Conservatives’ plans, NHS spending will still be £1.7bn less in real terms next year (2024-25) than it was last year. This is yet more desperate deception by the Conservatives.”

The St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrat candidate, Ian Sollom, said:

“The Budget shows once again a Conservative Chancellor and Government that has little understanding of the everyday struggles of the people and businesses of St Neots & Mid Cambridgeshire.

“Just like his autumn statement, Jeremy Hunt has done nothing to tackle the chronic shortage of GP and dentist appointments we’re living with, and has tried the same trick of giving with one hand while taking much more with another on National Insurance Contributions. He fooled no-one last year and is fooling no-one now.

“Last Saturday, Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey and I spent time in St Neots listening to the real concerns of businesses continuing to struggle everyday with high energy bills and unfair business rates, and customers dealing with a cost-of-living crisis that drags on. Sadly, this Budget shows a Chancellor that can afford to spend £100,000 on his own re-election campaign simply isn’t listening to those concerns.”

Speaking as the parliamentary candidate for East Cambridgeshire, Charlotte Cane said:

"People across Ely & East Cambs can’t get an NHS dentist, an appointment with their GP or hospital appointments. They want more funding for the NHS and good quality social care. This budget shows that the Conservatives won’t deliver that funding. Local health services have been left on their knees and that we need an election now."