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In South Cambridgeshire, it’s your choice: more Conservative chaos and failure or a fresh start with Lib Dem Pippa Heylings

With the next General Election fast approaching, and the future of our community and our country on the line, we all face a huge choice. Do we want more of the same chaos, failure and incompetence from the Conservatives? Or do we want a fresh start and a fair deal? On doorsteps right across our area, people are asking how they can use their vote to send the Government a message and get the hardworking MP our area deserves. In South Cambridgeshire constituency, whichever way you look at it, it’s between Rishi Sunak’s Conservative candidate and Liberal Democrat Pippa Heylings. Here’s why:

Bar chart showing the 2019 election result for South Cambridgeshire - Con 31,105, Lib Dem 28,111, Lab 7,803

The Lib Dems lost out by less than 3,000 votes last time…

In December 2019, the Liberal Democrats narrowly missed out on beating the Conservatives in South Cambridgeshire while Labour finished in a distant third place. Lots of local people have shared how disappointed they were to miss the opportunity for change here.

Bar chart showing the vote share in the 2019 election in South Cambridgeshire on the new constituency boundaries

…and on the new constituency boundaries, the result last time would have been even closer.

The next General Election will be held on new constituency boundaries – but that doesn’t change the choice in South Cambs. The official analysis, published by the Guardian, shows that the result last time would have been even closer between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives on the new boundaries - with Labour still in a distant third place.

Photo showing a view across South Cambridgeshire fields

Labour have almost no presence across rural South Cambs…

Labour only have three district councillors in the new constituency, and they’re all in one ward. They just don’t have the support right across the area to win. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats have 22 district councillors in the constituency.

Photo showing Pippa Heylings in front of a large group of Lib Dem supporters holding banners

…meanwhile, the Lib Dems are WINNING right across our community.

Since the last General Election, only the Liberal Democrats have made gains from the Conservatives in our constituency. In 2022, the Lib Dems strengthened their control of South Cambs District Council – winning 37 of the 45 seats – and have won by-elections in South Cambridgeshire as recently as November.

South Cambridgeshire highlighted in Labour's list of non battleground seats

Labour HQ have called South Cambs a ‘non-battleground’ seat…

Labour Party HQ have put South Cambridgeshire on their list of non-battleground seats which means they’ve deprioritised our constituency. They aren’t targeting South Cambs to win - they’re focusing their campaign resources on places where they can beat the Conservatives.

Silhouette of a person, representing an unknown candidate for Labour in South Cambridgeshire

…and they haven’t even selected their candidate yet!

Labour haven’t even selected a candidate for the next General Election in South Cambs yet – it just isn’t a priority for them. Meanwhile, Lib Dem Pippa Heylings has spent years campaigning in our community and delivering for local people.

Quote from ITV News "The South Cambridgeshire seat currently held by the Conservatives is set to go to the Lib Dems"

The recent YouGov mega poll has tipped the Lib Dems to win here…

YouGov’s January ‘mega poll’, the largest survey of its kind for 5 years, updated in April, has Lib Dem Pippa winning South Cambs at the next General Election – with Labour in a distant third place. But we can’t be complacent – only with thousands of residents lending their vote to the Lib Dems can we beat the Conservatives here.

Photo of Pippa Heylings talking with an NHS doctor in front of Addenbrooke's Hospital

…and Pippa and the strong Lib Dem team are fighting day in, day out for South Cambs.

While the Conservatives take us for granted, Pippa is already working tirelessly for our community – standing up for residents struggling with the cost of living, fighting for better access to local NHS services, and leading the campaign to protect our environment. Just think what she could achieve as our next MP.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a clear choice in South Cambridgeshire at the next General Election. By lending your vote to Lib Dem Pippa this time, we can make sure the Conservatives are beaten in South Cambs. 

We can’t miss this once in a generation opportunity to choose a fair deal for South Cambs and elect the MP our area deserves. Make sure your vote counts by backing local champion Pippa Heylings here.

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